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Carco Photo Inspections

The law in your state requires that you complete a photo inspection of your car(s). The e-mail we sent will identify which cars need to complete the inspection. The photo inspection must be completed no later than 14 days from the date you added collision and comprehensive coverage. If you purchased new coverage – you have 14 days from the effective date of your policy.  

Please complete the inspection as soon as possible to avoid loss of coverage.

Inspection Sites

Click below to find the nearest inspection facility:

Inspection Site Locator | CARCO ( 

Frequently Asked Questions

The car that needs to be inspected. Also bring the insurance ID card provided by your Silverline Insurance representative.  The ID card can be in paper form or a digital copy on your phone.  

Yes, anyone you registered as a licensed operator on your auto policy can take the car for the inspection. If you forgot to add someone, please text us their license and request for them to be added.

The inspection must be completed within 14 days of starting your policy. Or if the car was recently added to your policy – the inspection must be completed 14 days from the date it was added.

Yes, the earliest you can inspect your vehicle is 10 days before the start of your policy.

Yes, you can complete the inspection anywhere in your state, so long as it is a Carco Inspection station.

You risk losing coverage or having a claim denied if the inspection isn’t completed on time.

Yes, the law in your state requires an inspection to be completed.

The inspection is completely free, so long as you bring the insurance id card provided by your Silverline Insurance representative.

You may qualify for an exemption if your car is less than 6 months old. Text us photos of your bill of sale or lease agreement and request an exemption from the Carco photo inspection process. Allow 3 – 5 business days for processing, if you qualify we will email you confirmation of the exemption. If you haven’t received anything in the email in this time frame, please call our office. 

Cars older than 6 months will need to complete the inspection.

The inspection done by your state ensures your vehicle adheres to state / federal guidelines for vehicle emissions. The Carco inspection, on the other hand, determines what damage, if any, is present on your vehicle when it was insured. Lastly, the Carco inspection is free, whereas the state inspection carries a charge payable by you. 

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Inspection Completed?

Submit a copy of your completed Carco inspection report for safekeeping in your file. Use the form below or text us at 718-499-0700.

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